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---Due to the fact that during last 30 years I collected about Blind Guardian so many information, therefore in this time I will need a separate external drive. And due to the fact that this fanclub website I created about ten years (since 1996 to 31st December 2015) I have reached on the capacity over 1 GB, therefore almost nobody was able to navigate here. Therefore I took decision close this website. If whoever take interest in whole my Blind Guardian collection, you can order fanclub data-box, which completely replaces the contents of the previous website. All is free for exchange.

---Last Blind Guardian Czech Fanclub Magazine called Bardak here: Bardak 78 (3/2022)
---Brief contents below, but if you want to see my complete collection, please write to my e-mail and I'll send you a detailed list in pdf.
Blind Guardian audio rare, bootlegs, demos, promos, interviews (3700 files) 52,2
Blind Guaridan documentary

fanclub zine, interviews, reviews, tablatures, icons (1747 files)

Blind Guardian pictures photos, studio, merchandise, covers, posters, tickets (8804 files) 18,6
Blind Guardian video live, studio, promo, greetings, lessons, fan works (364 files) 62,8
Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra audio rare, bootlegs, demos, promos, interviews (36 files) 0,33
Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra pictures albums, studio, promos (55 files) 0,08
Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra video studio, promo, clips (13 files) 1,56
Demons & Wizards audio rare, bootlegs, demos, promos, interviews (132 files) 1,21
Demons & Wizards documentary reviews, skins (27 files) 0,01
Demons & Wizards pictures shows, studio, posters, covers (39 files) 0,09
Demons & Wizards video shows, clips, TV, promos, rare (24 files) 2,93
Metal Piranhas video shows, clilps (38 files) 3,37

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